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You can't change the past... so why is your marketing based on it? It's time to focus your marketing where it should be... on the future. Are your customers jumping ship? Maybe it's time for predictive intelligence.

Stakana is an analytics company that empowers community banks and credit unions to proactively understand the needs of their customers and members, to then provide an effective personalized experience that will increase retention, drive engagement, raise marketing productivity, and reduce costs.

Our predictive intelligence tools allow you to efficiently target your most valuable customers and members to lower costs, drive revenue, and increase marketing ROI. We enable you to give the right message to the right customers at the right time.

Think Predictively

Which customers are thinking of leaving, or getting a new credit card or mortgage, and why? Our predictive intelligence tools leverage your customer data to address these and other questions, allowing you to create personalized experiences to effectively retain and engage them, focusing on your most valuable ones.

Build Customer Loyalty

Replacing departing customers and members with new ones is very expensive—nearly 4x as expensive as keeping current ones! With our customer retention tool we can identify those individuals most likely to leave you and why, allowing you to effectively target and retain them, focusing on your most valuable ones.

Develop Your Own Analytics

Are you developing your own in-house analytics resources? It can be very difficult and expensive, but we’re here to help! Whether you’re building your in-house tools, trying to hire the right people, modifying a data process, or don’t even know where to start, our professional services can set you onto the right path.

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