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Stakana Analytics is seeking pilot partners for our new customer insights program. Based on previous analytics projects with multiple financial institutions, we’re further developing our projects to focus on deeper aspects of customer insights to increase your customer engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction. Specifics will depend on your data accessibility, analytics development, and business goals:

Segmentation: How can you better understand your customers by putting them into similarly-behaved groups?

Loyalty: Which of your customers are the most loyal, and what does that mean?

Personalization: How can you most effectively engage your customers?

Attrition Forecasting: Which customers are at the highest risk of closing an account, and why?

Next-Best Product: Which customers are most likely to need a certain financial product, and why?

Would you like advanced customer insights at a below-market rate? Please talk to us.



– Provide a dedicated business point of contact.

– Provide a dedicated IT point of contact for various technical issues.

– Be willing to implement our results into a business operation and measure results.


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