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Increase Your Customer Upsell

Find each customer’s next best product and attributions with analytics

Your customers have different financial needs over time. Some need a car loan, some need a new credit card, some need a mortgage–and their needs are always changing. We can market our services to new potential customers, but it’s far easier and less expensive to market new financial products to existing customers–and having customers with multiple financial products has the added benefit of making them more “sticky” and less prone to churn.

We can do general marketing to our customers, but it’s much more effective to target our marketing on those customers who have the highest chance of needing a new financial product.

Many of these financial product needs are due to life changes such as going to college, graduating from college, getting married, buying a house, having kids, getting divorced. And retiring. These changes can be accurately detected or predicted based on analyzing data on your own customers and actionizing the results via targeted marketing.

We can help you with this in two ways:

Wherever you are with your analytics journey, please talk to us. We’d love to talk to you.


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