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Welcome to our Predictive Intelligence Software Specially Designed For Each Client.

Imagine what you could do if you could identify which of your customers are at high risk of closing an account before they do anything decisive like turn off direct deposit. Your customer might not even yet be thinking about closing that account. But you can see that customer is on a journey that typically ends with closing an account. By catching this customer so early in the journey, retaining him/her could be as simple as making one phone call or sending a letter.

You know what your customers and members do and how they generally interact with you, but you’re still spending most of your time acquiring new customers or trying to figure out how to engage your current ones. 

Simply said… Leave the complicated and tedious analytics work to us, while you focus on what you do best!

This is predictive intelligence

Many retailers have successfully implemented this approach for years with advanced analytics, and most big banks are heavily investing in this. Now you can do this, without the heavy investment.

We have a customer retention tool to proactively retain your most valuable customers before they make obvious moves like turning off their direct deposit.

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