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In-House Analytics Booster Program

Maximize the ROI of your in-house analytics team

Are you spending millions of dollars annually on your analytics team but not getting actionable results? Are you getting a negative ROI on your analytics investment? We have a program to turn things around in 3-6 months to bring your analytics team to their full potential.

We’re a group of experienced analytics professionals partnered with Google Cloud and SAS Analytics Software. We have a “booster” program to enable credit unions with effective marketing analytics which we developed with a $2B financial institution in Southern California. Here’s what we do:

  • Mentor your technical team to be far more productive/efficient:
    • Learn the fundamentals/benefits/limits of machine learning.
    • Use technical tools that are free or already available in-house.
    • Write analytics programs that are flexible/reusable/organized/understandable.
    • Produce results quickly that can be improved later.
    • Produce meaningful results to be quickly actionized into business operations.
    • Communicate effectively with non-technical team members.
  • Hire and onboard critical members of your analytics team.
    • Which skills are the most valuable?
    • Which skills can be acquired on-the-job after hiring?
    • How can we bring them up to speed most efficiently?
  • Build statistical models that can be maintained by your analytics team.
    • Understanding and segmenting your customer base
    • Attrition forecasting: Which customers are at greatest risk of leaving, and why?
    • Next-best product: Who are your best customer prospects for certain products?
  • Work with your executive team to understand your business goals and translate them into technical projects for your analytics team.
  • Work with your operations team to actionize the results of your analytics team to achieve your business goals.
  • Effectively communicate with your other teams to establish robust data governance practices for optimal data quality and access to results.

If your analytics investment isn’t performing well, please talk to us. We can turn it around.


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