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Agency Analytics Booster Program

Maximize your analytics ROI without hiring technical analytics professionals

Effectively using analytics in your marketing can be the key to maximizing customer retention and upselling, but it’s difficult and very expensive, especially for smaller credit unions. Are you falling short of your marketing and sales goals? Are you struggling to take advantage of analytics opportunities? We have a pilot program to maximize your marketing ROI through analytics on a limited budget.

We’re a group of experienced analytics professionals who are partnered with Google Cloud and SAS Analytics Software. We have a pilot program to enable community banks and credit unions with cutting-edge marketing analytics which we developed with a couple initial financial institutions and now want to expand.

Here’s what we do, as an ongoing outsourced analytics program:

  • Report on your customer base for optimized sales and marketing:
    • How is your customer base distributed?
      • By age/geography/deposits/loans/revenue
      • By other interesting factors
    • What are your rates of customer attrition/upselling/other factors?
      • How does that rate change over time?
      • How does it break down into other factors?
    • What are other customer metrics that can help your marketing?
  • Forecast your customer activity for optimized customer retention/upselling:
    • Customer attrition: Who’s going to leave? (And why?)
    • Next-Best Product: Who’s likely to need a new financial product (And why?)
  • Work with your technical team to organize your data.
  • Work with your executive team to understand your business goals and translate them into analytics projects.
  • Work with your operations team to actionize your analytics results to achieve your business goals.

If you want to use marketing analytics on a tight budget, please talk to us.


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