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Meet our CEO

Experienced retail data scientist and recovering academic specializing in forecasting customer retention and cross-sales opportunities for community banks and credit unions. With an MS in statistical forecasting, Nate is passionate about bringing ideas from academic research into business use and has been doing this for marketing and retail since 2006. He’s now using his expertise and experience for community banks and credit unions nationwide, to help them better compete against the big banks that are already using these marketing analytics tools.

He is passionate about supporting career development opportunities for both young and experienced analytics professionals.

Our Team

Nate Derby

CEO and Chief Data Scientist
Nate is an experienced statistician, specializing in predictive analytics for…

Charles Brophy

Director of Research Engineering

Charles is an engineer, leader, and strategist with over 20…

Frank Guevara

Finance and Sales Coordinator

Frank’s previous experience is a culmination of customer service, management…

Nish Vallabhu

Nish Vallabhu

Marketing Coordinator

Nish is a customer engagement coordinator who studied international marketing…

Our Advisors

Bills Hills Stakana Advisor

Bill Hills

Bill Hills is the former Executive Vice President and Chief…

Gillian Meussig Advisor

Gillian Meussig

CEO of Outlines Venture Group and General Partner of the…

Nick Blenkush

Nick is a veteran IT engineer, with experience at many…

Who are we?

Stakana is an analytics company based out of Seattle, Washington that empowers community banks and credit unions to proactively understand the needs of their customers and members. We will equip you with the resources to provide an effective personalized experience that will increase retention, drive engagement, raise marketing productivity, and reduce costs.

Our predictive intelligence tools allow you to efficiently target your most valuable customers and members to lower costs, drive revenue, and increase marketing ROI. We enable you to give the right message to the right customers at the right time.


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