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You know what your consumers have done, isn’t it time you knew what they are going to do?

The Stakana Intelligence Platform™ automates this process by taking the data you already collect and using it to predict whether you’re about to lose another consumer if one of them is ready for a new or additional product, and even which consumers are the best fit for your institution.

The Stakana Intelligence Platform

Stakana Retain™

Consumers and account-holders are to the life of your institution. Replacing one account-holder can cost 10% – 25% more than keeping them. That’s why we developed Stakana Retain™.  Using the Stakana Intelligence Platform™  you’ll know who is most likely to leave and when.

When you know who is likely to leave, you’ll know who to target in your marketing efforts – saving money, increasing marketing productivity, and ROI. By targeting the individual account holders who are leaving, you’ll be able to focus your efforts on those customers who are the most valuable: your current ones.

Stakana Engage™

An inactive customer or member may be telling you much more than you realize. Why spend dollar after dollar trying to replace customers who are leaving when you could find ways to engage them through product up-selling and cross-selling. That’s why we’re developing Stakana Engage™ – your data already has the information you need, let the Stakana Platform™ plus Engage™ find the consumers who are ready to be Engaged.

These days, customers expect you to know who they are and what they’re interested in. You need to know what each individual customer responds to, what channels they use, and how you can most effectively target them. And with the competition just a click away, you need to be able to act fast.

Stakana Engage™ helps you know who to target and why.

Stakana Attract™

It’s expensive to find new customers and members. That’s why we are developing Stakana Attract™, a new and intuitive analysis of what drives your customers and members to be a part of your brand. The Stakana Intelligence Platform™ will analyze your current and past customers and provide you with the intelligence you need to help attract new ones.

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