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Nate Derby

President, Chief Data Scientist

Nick Simonton

Vice President, Marketing and Business Operations

As an accomplished and results-driven marketing leader and strategist, Nick had led innovative…

Day Frostenson

Director, Business Development

Day’s primary responsibility is developing and implementing growth opportunities and strategic alliances with…

Yonah Karp

Data Scientist

Yonah has worked under, over and inside finance, healthcare, and digital marketing data…

Perry Watts

Senior Statistical Programmer

Perry has done statistical programming for 25 years, specializing in statistical graphics. She’s…

Mark Keintz

Senior Statistical Programmer

Mark has been a senior data analyst and programmer at Wharton Research Data…

Ron Fehd

Senior Statistical Programmer

Ron has done statistical programming for 25 years at the Centers for Disease…

Andrea Wainwright-Zimmerman

Andrea is an experienced statistician with 15 years at Capital One, becoming the…

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