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Nate Derby

President and Chief Executive Officer
Nate is an experienced statistician, specializing in predictive analytics for...

Kavita Joshi

Director, Operations

Kavita has over 17 years of global experience working in…

Paul Marciante

Storyteller. Finance/Data Guy. Continuous Learner.

Paul is a data storyteller and builder. He spent over…

Yonah Karp

Director, Product Implementation

Yonah has worked inside finance, healthcare, and digital marketing data…

Janene Honan

Finance Manager

Janene has an eye for detail combined with flexibility and…

Our Advisors


Adina Mangubat

Adina Mangubat is the CEO and co-founder of Spiral Genetics,…

Gillian Meussig

CEO of Outlines Venture Group and General Partner of the…

Nathan Tolbert

Nathan Tolbert

Nathan is a client and business development executive and a…

Larry Wilson

Financial Services Consultant for Consumer Finance Former member of Federal…

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